Belleview Golf Club


  1. All members and golfers must sign in at the clubhouse and with the starter before starting play.

  2. No coolers, liquor, or beer can be brought onto the premises per LCBO Regulation.

  3. Drinking alcohol in the parking lot is not permitted.

  4. Walkers and/or riders are not allowed due to insurance reasons and each player must have a set of golf clubs.

  5. No more than four golfers allowed in a group.

  6. All players are expected to keep the pace of play by keeping up with the group ahead. Slower players must allow faster players through.

  7. Repair ball marks on greens and rake sand traps. Use trashcans for debris to keep the course clean.

  8. Don't pull pull-carts across the tees and greens. All riding Carts must be kept 25 feet away from the greens.

  9. Children under the age of 14 must be approved by the management to play the course without adult supervision.

  10. R.C.G.A. rules govern play except as modified by local rules.

  11. White stakes denote out of bounds and Red stakes denote lateral water hazard.

  12. No cash refunds.

  13. The club is not responsible for injuries, loss or damage to personal property from any cause whatsoever.

  14. It is the obligation of every golfer to know, understand and apply the rules of golf.

  15. Our Starters and Marshall's reserve the right to ask players to leave in the event that these regulations are not followed.

  16. All Memberships/League Memberships and Packages are non-refundable or transferable.

  17. HAVE FUN!!


2019 Belleview Special

Two players can play
18 holes with cart for

$55 (+HST)

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Green Fees
Summer rates start
Monday May 13th 2019

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Saturday July 20th 2019
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3 Event Format
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436 Belle River Road - RR#2 Woodslee, Ontario - N0R 1V0 - (519) 839-4372