Belleview Golf Club



League Format




Playing Rules:

  • Play it as it lies.
  • No gimmes, No Mulligans
  • Max number strokes on any hole is a NET triple bogey
  • Out of bounds. (one penalty stroke, plus distance)
  • Water hazards (one penalty stroke, drop at point of entry)
  • Naturalized areas (no penalty, play from drop area)
  • Flowerbeds and cart paths (two club relief on either side, no closer to the hole)

League Rules

  • 100% of handicap will be used during league play
  • If you are going to be absent, you have the option to play ahead. 
  • Any rounds that are going to be played ahead must be
    pre-arranged with Josh Malott (League President) prior
    to your round of golf. 
  • No random scorecards allowed. 
  • All pre-played rounds must be signed and attested by
    another individual.
  • All players have the option to let a spare take their place if they are are going to be absent.
  • A spare must become eligible by playing with the league at least 2 times to determine a proper handicap.
  • Spares may also present an official handicap if they already have one from another course.
  • If a spare is used, scoring for matches will be based on their handicap.
  • Anyone that is on shift work can play before 8:30am on Thursdays to post a score. Wednesday afternoon times will be set up for the start of season.
  • All scorecards must be signed and dated and turned in by the end of the day
  • No scorecard = No Points




Fall Classic Scramble
Sunday September 30th

This is the last club event for the
year. If interested click here



Believe it or NOT, playoffs are
upon us. I hope everyone is ready!

The schedule for week 1 of playoffs
is now posted. Please take note
of your new handicaps.

Obviously the results are up as well
as the winners from our
weekly games.

Please see below for some
of our award winners!


2018 League Champion


2018 Team Champions



2018 Awards

Dwight Sieginer - Low Gross (40.9 avg)

Greg Kincaide - Low Net (35.2 avg)

Doug Carrie - M.I.P. (3 strokes)

Click here to view past winners


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