Belleview Golf Club



League Format




Playing Rules:

  • Play it as it lies.
  • No gimmes, No Mulligans
  • Max number strokes on any hole is a NET triple bogey
  • Out of bounds. (one penalty stroke, plus distance)
  • Water hazards (one penalty stroke, drop at point of entry)
  • Naturalized areas (no penalty, play from drop area)
  • Flowerbeds and cart paths (two club relief on either side, no closer to the hole)

League Rules

  • 100% of handicap will be used during league play
  • If you are going to be absent, you have the option to play ahead. 
  • Any rounds that are going to be played ahead must be
    pre-arranged with Josh Malott (League President) prior
    to your round of golf. 
  • No random scorecards allowed. 
  • All pre-played rounds must be signed and attested by
    another individual.
  • All players have the option to let a spare take their place if they are are going to be absent.
  • A spare must become eligible by playing with the league at least 2 times to determine a proper handicap.
  • Spares may also present an official handicap if they already have one from another course.
  • If a spare is used, scoring for matches will be based on their handicap.
  • Anyone that is on shift work can play before 8:30am on Thursdays to post a score. Wednesday afternoon times will be set up for the start of season.
  • All scorecards must be signed and dated and turned in by the end of the day
  • No scorecard = No Points





I would like to thank everyone
for another great season.

Congratulations to our BML
Champion Greg Kincaide!

Also, congratulations to
our Team Champions
Bob Stacey and Don McDermott!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest
of the 2017 season and I hope to
see you all back next year!


2017 League Champion

Greg Kincaide

2016 Team Champions

Bob Stacey & Don McDermott


2017 Awards

Dennis Cote - Low Gross (40.2 avg)

Dennis Cote - Low Net (35.1 avg)

Rick Omdal - M.I.P. (3 strokes)

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436 Belle River Road - RR#2 Woodslee, Ontario - N0R 1V0 - (519) 839-4372